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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens first?

What are Top Tier’s responsibilities?

How do you advertise?

Do I have to be present during the set up and sale?

What happens when the sale is over?

What happens to items not sold?

When will I receive a check for my proceeds from the sale?

How does Top Tier handle our questions and concerns?

How long do the sales take?



      • Don’t donate, give away, or sell any items before our consultation.

This is the biggest mistake people make. Every item no matter whether it is big, small, of great value or of minimal value, contributes to the value of your estate. By “cleaning house” prior to a sale you could dramatically reduce your end result. We ONLY recommend the disposal of perishable food items and personal/financial papers or documents.

      • Don’t worry about how messy you think things might be.

Top Tier will organize and display your property for the sale. It is best to let us handle all the work.

      • Do pack and remove from the property any items you wish to keep or condense them to an area secure.

Family members should think about what they want to keep from the estate before the estimate takes place so that we can provide you with an accurate assessment figure for your estate’s market value.

      • Do feel confident leaving your sale in the experienced and trusted hands of Top Tier Estate Sales.